GA Expertise - Palm Oil Extraction

Palm Oil Extraction

Mechanical extraction of crude palm oil processes includes the following basic steps:

  1. Fresh fruit bunches (FFB) reception
  2. Steam sterilization and stripping fruit from bunches 
  3. Digestion and pressing of the fruit  
  4. Oil extraction from macerated fruit 
  5. Palm oil clarification 
  6. Separating fiber from the nut 
  7. Drying, grading, and cracking of the nut 
  8. Separating the shells from the kernels 
  9. Kernel drying and storage 
  10. Empty Fruit Bunches (EFB) are pressed and shredded to extract any crude oil, and the fibre is prepared for either compost production or fuel for boilers

Mechanical extraction of palm kernel oil processes includes the following basic steps:

  1. Drying of kernels
  2. Kernel Crushing (mechanical pressing)
  3. Palm Kernel Oil Filtration
  4. Palm Kernel Meal Grinding and Packing 

Steam used in the sterilization process is generated by burning the mesocarp fiber and palm nut shell in solid fuel combustion boilers. Power for the mill is generated by sending the steam produced in the boiler to a turbine.

Palm oil effluents (POME) have traditionally been sent to aerobic and anaerobic lagoons for treatment. The use of biodigestion is becoming increasingly popular to improve the effluent treatment process, and capture the methane gas for power generation.

Oil extraction from fruit follows the same basic steps for both small (5MT FFB/Hr) and large (120MT FFB/Hr) capacity operations.

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