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Comprehensive consulting service

GA Expertise has long-standing competence in cost analysis, feasibility studies, divestiture and privatization planning, engineering and plant design, transportation and planning for export markets worldwide. Over the past thirty years, we have built an enviable reputation for concise, real world advice that saved our clients enormous sums in unwarranted costs. We serve our clients with working solutions to complex problems.

Trust the experts

Oilseed and palm oil processing is a complex and capital intensive business. Our mission is to bring industrial and governmental clients the critical expertise they need to ensure fault free, turn­key construction and operation of their physical plants.

For over three decades, we have been advising clients on planning, operation, sale and diversification of palm and vegetable oil processing facilities.

A focus on planning

By taking all variables into consideration, GA Expertise is in a position to deliver time­saving, cost­ conscious advice.

Worldwide clients benefit from our alliance with strategic partners in the US, Europe and Southeast Asia. By planning early through GA Expertise, clients realize important benefits and get up to speed more quickly and more efficiently than doing it alone.

Advisors to governments and industry

In this rapidly changing world, business and governmental entities need to react quickly to fluctuating market conditions.

Whether planning new facilities or spinning off existing plants, GA Expertise brings a wealth of knowledge to the table in the form of proven, context­ specific counsel. In addition, we have developed an extensive database of industry contacts for eventual sales and acquisitions of working processing plants.

Save time, save money

Careful, up­front planning brings immediate results in the form of cost savings solutions.In an industry characterized by technical problems, re­engineering and changing regulations, GA Expertise is ready with working answers.

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